Community Guidelines

Our Mission

SQUAB’s mission is to make finding a gaming squad as quick, seamless, and reliable as today's ridesharing. Our goal is to make the gaming experience fun for the average gamer, providing verified teammates and reducing toxicity. For the skilled gamer, we want to create a reliable way to make real income playing games. Our Community Guidelines reflect our values and define a common code of conduct on our platform.  

If something happens, whether it’s good or bad, please let our SQUAB teammates know. We review and value all of your feedback.

DO’S ☺️  

Customer Best Practices: Be Positive, Have Fun

As a valued gamer in the SQUAB community, we want to ensure that you have the best experience possible. We need some help from you as well to help ensure this happens.

  • Show a positive attitude when connecting others.
  • Be patient when waiting to hear back from GamerPals.
  • Tip your GamerPal to show them your appreciation if you have an amazing experience.

GamerPal (Seller) Best Practices: Be Positive, Be Professional

SQUAB wants to ensure that you have an opportunity for real income and to guide you along your journey towards becoming an esports professional.

  • Encourage everyone to have a good time, soothe negative emotions.  
  • Ask customer how they want to play the game (ex: which character to pick).
  • Be professional – respond to messages in a timely manner, but block bad customers.


Don’t Be an Asshole

We have all had those annoying teammates that everyone hates. This type of gamer is what we’re trying to eliminate at SQUAB.

  • Don’t be toxic, afk, quitter, racist, sexist, etc.
  • Don’t rage, quit, flame, blame, throw.

Don’t Cheat

Some call it a competitive advantage, others call it cheating. Let’s all agree, this doesn’t belong in the SQUAB community.

  • Don’t tamper with the integrity of game software.
  • Don’t cheat by attempting to manipulate or exploit potential glitches.
  • Don’t boost in competitive.

Intellectual Property & Other Rights

Please respect the hard work all gamers have put in on and off SQUAB. What we create is a product of our talent. Let’s respect each other.

  • Don’t infringe on anyone’s intellectual property, privacy, or other rights.
  • Don’t post, portray, or record any content that violates laws, regulations, or rights of their respective owners.
  • Don’t use SQUAB’s name, logo, or likeness in a manner that will confuse others into thinking we are affiliated.

Safety & Security

We all want to feel safe in our everyday lives. Whether it be at home, out shopping, or playing games.  

  • Don’t try and reverse engineer any of SQUAB’s products in order to potentially modify, reproduce, or disassemble them in any manner.
  • Don’t attempt to gather sensitive personal data from our community members.
  • Don’t use any unwarranted methods in order to circumvent our security and verification systems.  

Explicit Content

We respect the rights of all our users. We also want to ensure that this is a safe, friendly, and fun environment for everyone.  

  • Don’t post, promote, or solicit sexually explicit and/or implied content, services or acts.
  • Don’t advertise, advocate, or otherwise sponsor the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco, or any forms of opioids.
  • Don’t harass or encourage the use of violence against any other members  


We are a community made for and by gamers. Let’s work together to make the gaming experience fun for everyone and reduce toxicity. This only works if we’re all in it together!

We reserve the right to remove any user in violation of these community guidelines and may pursue legal action if deemed appropriate for those deliberately in violation of these guidelines. This represents our core community guidelines and are subject to change at any time.  

Your Feedback Matters

If something happens, whether it’s good or bad, please let us know at We review and value all your feedback.