December 27, 2020

Tired of Zoom and Teams?! Try Among Us!! 🌟🌟

SQUAB MemeLord

The current state of the world has forced us to think of new and creative ways to meet with our friends and family. Rather than using the enterprise tools we have become accustomed to with our colleagues, many of us are looking for fun and exciting alternatives. Among Us has emerged as a great way to virtually meet with our loved ones during this holiday season. Among Us has become more than just a game. It is a social networking platform that people of all ages can use and understand.

With so many of us away from those we typically spend the holidays with, finding ways to meet has been challenging. Among Us is a new and fun way to meet with others. With the option to play on mobile or desktop, Among Us can be played by everyone. It is a great multiplayer platform that you can involve large groups of friends and family into. Setup is a breeze and Among Us has its advantages over other traditional social platforms.


Keeps Everyone Engaged

Often times when we gather, things can become dull at a certain point and people begin to drift off into their own little worlds. What’s great about Among Us is that it constantly keeps everyone engaged. Whether you’re an Impostor or a Crewmate, there is always something to do. If you get distracted at any moment, you can either be killed by an Impostor or Crewmates can finish tasks and claim victory. Nerves are always at an all time high while playing Among Us. And if you’re on mobile, it is literally impossible to switch between apps while playing Among Us!

Spirited Competition

Just because we are away from one another doesn’t mean the competitive spirit between each other is lost. No one wants to end up in last place, especially among friends and family. So, you know you’re always going to get everyone’s best effort towards winning. 😁 Add in the element of Impostors trying to sabotage the game and killing Crewmates and you know there’s going to be some arguments. 😅

Great For All Ages

Whether it’s playing with your aunts and uncles, or with your 5-year-old nephew, rest assured, Among Us is suitable for all ages. Aside from the killings by Impostors, there is little to no violence. Keeping language suitable for everyone is another story though. 😆😆 That’s entirely up to the players and whether or not they remember that they’re playing with friends and family instead of those LFG. Another great part to Among Us is that it does not require a lot of skill in order to play and uses just a few controls. It’s so simple even Grandpa and Grandma can play!

Infinite Game Modes

Playing games with friends and family can get boring after some time. But with Among Us, there are unlimited ways to play and changing things up is a breeze. You can change up the number of Impostors and even decrease the vision if one team is winning more than the other. 3 completely different style maps offer their own uniqueness as well and allows you to play new and unique games among your crew. Need extra ideas on alternative ways to play Among Us? Check out our blog on Top 5 New Ways to Play Among Us.

Accessible Everywhere

The challenge with being away from our loved ones during these times is ensuring that there is a place where we can all meet up easily and from anywhere. What can sometimes be challenging is the need to setup complicated rooms involving access codes, host codes, participant numbers, and waiting rooms. Among Us is quick and easy to set up and can be shared with all of your friends and family.


Best of all, here at SQUAB we have made it even easier to connect with our BRAND NEW APP!!! Your friends and family can easily find you in the Active Crew section and join with a simple click of the game code. Easily message each other within the SQUAB app and stay informed of any updates with the group. Don’t forget to follow one another so you know when each other are online and ready for another game of Among Us. Connect like never before! It’s as easy as FIND, HOST, JOIN.

No more toxic teammates.

No more elo hell.