November 15, 2020

Squab Tips: How to Git Gud at Valorant 🔥🔥

Wilson Huang

We have fresh hot tips from our resident gamer, a top 500 player in Valorant, Overwatch, CSGO, and a few others. 🔥😎

Valorant has been one of the most electrifying games of this year. Released in June 2020, Valorant took the world by storm as a new, fresh, and competitive FPS title on the market. The game is a blend of Counter-Strike’s gunplay and Overwatch’s abilities, but with its own twist. Valorant also comes with a plethora of server improvements – optimization that allowed the game to be played by virtually anyone. Valorant is primarily a competitive FPS shooter, and players around the globe are eager to face off against one another to eventually reach the rank/title of Radiant.

If you are looking to improve at Valorant by yourself or looking for group (LFG) with serious players to rank with, you should try some of the following tips.



The fundamentals of the game are extremely important. Having a great understanding of the fundamentals of the game will help you improve not only as a team but as an individual player as well. Players who are skillful will have an easier time when looking for a group with serious competitive players. If you’re a new player or aren’t as experienced in FPS, looking for a group or finding consistent teammates maybe more difficult.

Understanding Maps. Knowing the maps (names of places, layout, etc.) in the game are extremely important as it will enable you to call out efficiently for your teammates. Knowing specific callouts around the map will help indicate where the enemy teams are. Furthermore, by understanding the common angles that players play, you can easily decipher where the enemies are, based on certain locations. This develops over time through what is known as game sense.

Economy. The economy in the game is extremely similar to that of Counter-Strike. Understanding when to buy, when to save, when to half buy. The round loss bonuses will aid you in the game to efficiently manage the number of gun rounds you’ll be able to play.

Aim. In first-person shooters aim is by far one of the most important aspects. By achieving good aim practices such as keeping your crosshair at head level, pre-aiming angles, mastering flick shots, spray control, etc. your skill as an individual player will increase immensely.

Finding your Role

Your role in Valorant is important. Whether you’re a utility heavy character or someone who wants to play aggressive and duel other players, mastering your role in your team is essential to ranking up and improving. Keep these tips in mind when finding your role. Players who are team players or who play their roles well will also have an easier time looking for a group. Teams work best when they mesh together, and having players fight over roles won’t help the team get wins. If you’re looking for a group, think about how your role is going to conflict or complement the other players of the team.


Aggression. If you’re an aggressive player and have the mechanical skill to outduel players, you might want to play duelists. These agents are usually the entry fraggers and have aggressive skills to quickly dispatch opponents.


Strategy. If you’re not a fan of aggression and want to play with strategy you might want to look into controller or sentinel agents. These agents come with utility abilities such as smokes and walls that will aid your team when entering the site.


Momentum can be split into two categories: in-game momentum, and your individual momentum. Momentum as a team is also important as it allows your team to win rounds consecutively. You want to look for a team where you won’t disturb the current momentum of the team. You want to be an additive factor not a hindrance.


In-Game Momentum. Momentum in the game is important as it could allow for a string of rounds that are won based on factors such as winning a critical round, winning the pistol round, or having your team in a high morale state.


Individual Momentum. Your individual momentum signifies your individual performance. If you’re fragging everyone you might be able to single-handedly kill the other team. However, if you’re on a string of losses and aren’t doing too well, you might want to take the back seat or stop playing for the moment to avoid falling into a worsened state.


Keeping track of your teams, individual, and in-game momentum will allow you to make the best choices while playing the game.

Queuing as a Group

If you’re serious about Valorant and want to improve not only as an individual player but as a team player, you’re going to want to queue as a group. The game at the end of the day is a team game and teaming up with your friends, or other players will help you develop team coordination skills. By queuing as a group, you won’t have to go out of your way to look for a team. If you can’t find friends to form your squad, some looking for group (LFG) communities are good places to meet other Valorant players.

Coordination. Coordinating with your teammates is extremely important. Using your in-game mic and coordinating abilities will enable your team to quickly take site, defend the site, or retake the site. Having set plans and plays will also make it easier when attacking or defending.


Team Meshes. By having everyone already associated with each other, this lowers the chances that there may be a toxic or silent player on your team. Having a silent player that doesn’t use their mic only makes the game more difficult to play.


Team Composition. By having a set team of 5, you’re also able to coordinate your team compositions. Everyone will be able to play the exact agents that they agree on. This will decrease the number of times the agents you want to play are taken.


Look for Group. There are very few ways to consistently find reliable teammates for Valorant. Most players look for group on Reddit and other social sites with strangers. But LFG with strangers can be inconsistent, as people can be toxic, AFK, among other problems. SQUAB is a platform where you can hire on-demand gamers who are guaranteed to be positive, professional, and vetted for their gameplay rank.


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