December 20, 2020

Just 5 Mandatory Tips Needed in the Polus Map 😏

SQUAB MemeLord

Among Us has significantly grown in popularity it what seems like only a short few months and there are no signs of this trend slowing down anytime soon. Our team at SQUAB has gone through all the Among Us maps and has played as both Crewmates and Impostors in order to provide you with the best tips you can’t get anywhere else. This includes the Polus map, which doesn’t get much coverage or attention as the other Among Us maps.


With new players joining Among Us every day, there are more players than ever looking to gain that advantage within their crew. If you are one of those, this blog is a can’t miss way to improve your knowledge of the Polus map.

Vents Are Your Best Friend

If you are new to Among Us and the Polus map, you should spend most of your time on the south portion of the map, since the odds of getting vent killed by an Impostor are fairly low there. Venting on the Polus map can be challenging to understand since they are all connected, unlike the Mira HQ. Understanding the specific interconnected route is difficult but should be studied as much as possible. As the game goes on, venting will become more noticeable among the other players. After all, it’s pretty sus when you see players appear all over the Polus in a short period of time.

Tasks, Tasks, & More Tasks

Another noteworthy aspect of the Polus is the total of 28 possible tasks. This detail is important for both Crewmates and Impostors to know. Having played the Polus map for many hours, our SQUAB crew can identify when someone is faking a task. This is a skill you should pick up as well if you can dedicate the time to understand how long each task should take.


What task is the hardest? Our experts say it’s without a doubt the Weather Node! This is especially the case if you’re on mobile. It’s far from impossible, but it is easy to make mistakes and these can become quite frequent.


If you end up being an Impostor, watch out for those Crewmates always camping in the Admin. Luckily, Among Us placed a vent just outside the room. This will come in handy to get rid of such with ease. Make sure to focus more on the north side of the Polus map, as you will have more freedom venting around the map.


The most important thing to do as an Impostor in the Polus map is to utilize Sabotages. These will be the key to winning on a map like Polus. Among Us provided you with this advantage, so use it! Crewmates will have longer distances to travel and there may be Crewmates too distracted with completing tasks to disable your sabotages.

Lurk on Others

What most don’t realize is that you can actually look through the windows in the Polus map. You can view both inside and outside of rooms by looking through the windows. This benefits both Crewmates and Impostors alike. See other players around you before they even know that you’re around! It’s all fair game! Identify those campers having you do all the work and just hiding from the Impostors. 😒

Out of all the maps in Among Us, Polus is by far the largest map, so study it carefully if you want to survive the Impostors. Check other player’s vitals and watch the cameras! Each tool has its limitations, but use them wisely and you will surely be the last Crewmate alive. Have more questions about the Polus map? DM our SQUAB experts and we’ll be sure you get the answers you need. 😉

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