November 22, 2020

How to be Impostor God of Skeld Map 🙏

SQUAB MemeLord

There’s only been a handful of games that have transcended the gaming community quite like Among Us. Whether it be content creators, entertainment stars, or even politicians, Among Us and its simple yet straightforward gameplay has appealed to the masses. Still, there’s a level of understanding needed if you want to crush and dominate the competition! 👊 This applies to all the noobs and masters out there. 😂


I’m going to give you the inside tips I’ve learned from playing Among Us countless hours. Yes COUNTLESS!! I will cover all the necessary approaches you should take if you want to master the Skeld map. The Skeld map is by far the most played map on Among Us and is probably the best IMO in terms of both creativity and strategy deployment. So, if you can dominate here, you can become a god in any Among Us map.




Spacing is the key

The Skeld map in Among Us is an ideal playing field for both crewmates and impostors. If you’re new to the game, this is where you want to start off. Among Us made this the default map for good reason. It is the perfect choice, as it covers almost every element of the game in this one map. Mastering Skeld is how you’re going to become a god of the game. Considering this is a relatively big map, being an impostor improves the odds of killing crewmates and getting away with it. Crewmates witnessing a murder firsthand will prove to be difficult for them, as they are occupied trying to complete the various tasks. However, you can still dominate as a crewmate if evil isn’t your thing. 😈


Stay Alive

When it comes to being a crewmate, the most crucial tip to mastering Among Us is to stay alive as long as possible. Sometimes easier said than done. Start by better understanding the general layout of the map. The Skeld features a total of 14 Vents scattered across the rooms. So be aware of where they are, in case an impostor was to come out of one. Not all of them connect to one another, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Understanding intricacies like this in Among Us and their workings, will provide you with an advantage over the competition. With the Skeld being so large, use the extra space to your advantage. Avoid other players if you have trust issues.


Talk about a good time to socially distance. 🤣🤣🤣




Not all tasks are created equal

Performing tasks are essential to winning Among Us as a crewmate and should hold equal importance for impostors. If you are unaware of the location or the type of task to be performed, you will be exposed by wasting time. Each task has a different location and duration, so it is critical to keep track of time to ensure precise execution. Some tasks only require one click, while others require a significant amount of time, or even require undergoing multiple objectives. This is where being an impostor can be to one’s advantage.


Imposter’s time to shine


Need an alibi? Time to see how good your acting skills are. Being a good impostor in Among Us means being able to convince others you’re just an ordinary crewmate. You will need to fake tasks if you are confronted by a group of crewmates. Unless you think you can really solo multiple crewmates at the same time. 😭 A better tactic is to lure crewmates into isolation. The Electrical room in the Skeld is the perfect place to do this. Lure crewmates inside by turning off the Lights or doors, perform a clean kill, and escape through the vent. On your way to victory!




My favorite part to Among Us, the sabotaging! Among Us has developed a variety of Sabotage options that come alongside being an impostor. But randomly performing these is not something you want to do for the sake of doing. So, use them appropriately. After a fresh kill, closing the gates can offer you enough time to flee the crime scene or even win you the game. My best tip is to sabotage the Reactor and O2! Force crewmates to give up working on tasks to answer the emergency.


Turning off the Lights is best used when hunting down a lone crewmate, or if you think you’ve mastered Among Us to this point, Turning off the Lights within a crowd and killing crewmates off one by one is a boss move! Combo this with the use of vents, and you will be dominating Among Us! Among Us has designed a variety of ways and opportunities for you to escape and avoid detection.



It might seem easier to dominate Among Us as an impostor, rather than a crewmate, but that’s not the case if you have good teammates. Playing with a group of people you can rely on and trust will make the overall gaming experience better. If it’s hard to connect with friends, try Looking for Group(LFG). This will allow you to connect with other individuals Looking for Groupon Among Us. SQUAB is reimagining the way gamers have traditionally connected. We go through a meticulous vetting and screening process to ensure when you are LFG, you can do so with confidence.

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